My Twin Brother and I make a video :)

Sampson Twins – Real Life 18 Year Old Twin Brothers Jerk Off, Shower, and Piss My twin brother and I thought it would be hot to make a video together and so we did. We made this website to show it off. we hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did making it :)

February 18, 2020 ~ 2 Comments

Sampson Twins – Our First Video

Hi boys, this is Christopher and I decided that my twin brother Simon and I should make a video. I mean, I think I am hot so obviously I think my twin brother is hot too. But I am the cuter one right? :D I am the one who is making this website so I can say that! lol

Now I have not seen my twin brother naked since we were about 4 years old. I thought some things had changed since then. So in this video we see each other naked for the first time in 14 years. I am the other brother (by 9 minutes) so I always thought of Simon as my little brother. hehe So we compare our foot size and we are about the same. But besides being the cutest twin, I also think I have the bigger dick. In this video you see us compare cock sizes and I won’t tell you the winner here but maybe I need to start calling my little brother something like “big brother” instead lolĀ  But you can watch the video for yourself and you decide which of us has the bigger dick. This video was really fun for me, and my straight brother was a good sport and a lot of fun to play with. After we got naked and compared cocks we both got hard (well we had to for the contest since my brother says he’s a grower haha) so naturally we started to jerk off, and well things got a little crazy from there… I just had to touch my brother’s cock since it was so big and hard and well I won’t spoil the rest of the video for you. :twisted:

I really enjoyed making this video and I hope you enjoy it too.It was really hot to make it and well, maybe my brother is as cute as me. :)

Oh and the 40 minute video ends with me and my brother going into the bathroom and playing around in there. We take a nice long hot shower together and my bro scrubs my body real good and as we are drying off we talk about how much fun we had together and that maybe we should do this again sometime! :o

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